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Friday, January 1, 2016

Day 5 Report Card

As I was cleaning out the 'fridge yesterday, I figured I'd put the salad fixings to good use and make some Mason jar salads. Aren't they pretty?  These are just basic salads this time, but I do have a Mason jar salad book that I'll be testing out this year. I like the idea of fixing weekday lunches on Sunday and being lazy about shaking and serving them to myself later. If I find one that makes me swoon, I'll let you know.

How did I do today?

30 Day Flexibility Challenge
 -- Cobra stretch is lovely. Bow stretch is not so lovely. I could tell you how long it's been since I put my leg behind my head, but I won't. Okay, yes, I will.  I just did it. I will now call the chiropractor.

30 Day Journey to Splits
 -- I am so good at this. Tomorrow I will add a move and I think I'll wrap my entire left knee into a knee burrito. Did you look ahead to that move? I'm already cringing.

30 Day Burpee Challenge
 -- I did seven, and Nilla didn't get excited for me until the end. She knows when I'm about to pass out, so she gets all concerned. She's a Canine Companion trained darling, don't you know?

30 Day Vocabulary Challenge
 -- They are good! The word is appropriate for today. annus mirabilis: a remarkable or notable year. Will 2016 be our annus mirabilis for the home building project?  We hope so!

30 Day Back Challenge
 -- Skip a day and then double my number of additional reps?  I'm a sad super-monkey.

30 Day Cleaning Challenge
 -- Some sinks just aren't built for washing 'fridge drawers. I need a big swimming pool in which to dump them, and that would make cleaning them fun. Instead, I end up inadvertently flooding the kitchen floor after each drawer. Also, I hope one day to find a use for seven bottles of Dale's Seasoning.

30 Day Wall Sit Challenge
 -- Oh, mah gawsh! I did it! I had to laugh at myself, though, because I set the timer for 50 MINUTES instead of 50 seconds, so I'm adjusting myself on the wall and wiggling my toes, really starting to struggle, when I look down and notice that the timer says 49:17...and I only had 7 seconds to go.  Ha!

30 Day Plank Challenge
 -- Completing the plank after the wall-sit disaster yesterday makes me think I've redeemed myself. Research opportunity to figure out how to keep my wrists comfortable.

30 Day Arm Sculpting Challenge
 -- I feel like Jessica Jones, you guys. Strong and powerful -- and super! -- and maybe it's all in my head.

30 Day Butt Lift Challenge
 -- Do I detect a little pow in that boom-boom?  Judge me in a month.

30 Day Mom Challenge
 -- Yes. She's fifteen. She'll be old enough to drive soon. That means it's almost time for me to send her to the store for a loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter!  Awesome!

- 30 Day Blog Challenge
 -- I'm cruising right along, writing snippets of hilarity...right? I do, one day, hope to begin my own writing challenge, also known as writing the novel before I'm fifty. My uncle, Rooster Morris, has reached his goal of writing books for kids. I know it's possible, and one day, I'll take his advice and just get it done!

In the meantime, I'll observe people, dream of plot twists and develop characters that I think people will love. The fun part will be the villains. Are there any real-life villains you love to hate?  Fill me in.

Until grade-time tomorrow...

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