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Monday, February 11, 2013

An Empty Box

I'm not proud about this...but I will try to explain myself.

So...for the last few months, my diet has consisted mainly of apples and eggs.  Apples and eggs, apples and eggs.  Not together, you see.  I ate just those two things, in random moments and prepared various ways.  The apple ways:  sauced, whole, sliced.  The egg ways:  scrambled, over-easy, hard-boiled.  I added spoonfuls of hazelnut spread to the diet mix for fun, since my body could handle it.  Yay!

Christmas came along and I got sick with 'the funk.'  'The Funk' was ruthless and mean, and I don't think I ate for a few days.  I was miserable and whiny.  Anybody else feel the need to whine a little when you have the flu, even if you're alone in the house?  I verified this with a neighbor, so I'm pretty sure this is universal.  She just whines.  I have a long, drawn-out 'nooooooo' to offer up to the flu gods.  I whined a lot when my eyeballs were hot.

Let's get to the empty box, shall we?

One fine day, the husband was going to the store and asked if I wanted anything.  I said I wanted junk, because I was sick and tired of eggs, apples and nothing!  He brought me a box of pure sugar and sin, and this is how I opened it:
See how not proud I was, ripping the poor box open?  I was a beast!  I had no self-control, inhaling the entire box in three days!  Maybe two...  I forget.  Okay, I didn't inhale the box, since I was able to photograph the evidence of my loss of control.  The fact remains:  This chick barely unwrapped these wicked nuggets before gulping them down.  

After that episode -- which I thoroughly enjoyed, by the way -- I re-kicked junk out of my life.  I'm convinced Oatmeal Creme Pies give me bug-eyes...and make me grind my teeth.

Two questions:  Do you do funny stuff when you're sick, and is there a food that makes you bug-eyed?

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Jar Full of Honey

One of my friends is a beekeeper.  He's very zen and witty, but a wild man on a djembe.  It's the truth.

Another friend and I decided to get our hands dirty [and sticky] and help him jar some honey.  It was a unique experience, topped off with a knock to the head (a box literally fell on my head -- and I won't go into the details, but I will say that I feel a slight bit smarter these days because of it.  Sense restored, people).

My friend and I are giggly girls anyway, but get us near something interesting, and we turn into guffawing goofballs.  After we cleaned up from a busy afternoon, we decided to take lovely pics of me fakely filling up a honey jar.  Check out my fabulously snooty little finger sticking out, too.
I like the honey, and my beekeeper friend sells it at a local farmer's market.  I interviewed him, or tried to, a few months back and will eventually post it.  I'm horrible at interviews.  I'm not a roving reporter -- I'm a Southern girl with a drawl...and that's a fact, y'all.  I have more interview ideas, so I guess I'd better improve on that front.  Any pointers?  Tips?

Anyway, if there is a take-away point to this post, it's that raw, unfiltered honey is the way to go.  Enjoy!