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Friday, October 28, 2016

Make Spooky Spiders and Scare...Children?

RAWR...or whatever spiders say

I usually get really busy in the last third of the year, every single year. That bums me out, since I have lots of projects I need to accomplish during that time and I usually don't. Before you suggest I do my project in the beginning or middle of the year instead, let me just stop you right there. Who can make scary spiders in the middle of Spring Break? Exactly!

So, I have a list of three Halloween projects to complete in four days. Perfect! Well, we'll see how that works out. Here is the first of perhaps three. 

Start out with the following items:
- styrofoam balls in size of choice
- eight black pipe cleaners for each ball
- glue
- black spray paint
- floral pick or small gauge wire for display

First, you put glue all over the styrofoam ball. If you don't and use spray paint on it, it will disintegrate into a lumpy mess. So, yes, put glue all over the ball. 

If you get dog hair or even possum hair in it, don't worry about it. Shoot, if it falls off the table into the dirt, all the better. This spider is supposed to be scary!  A dirty spider is a scary spider!

Once the glue has dried, spray the ball with spray paint. FYI: I didn't use that set-up to spray the ball. I put the ball on a wire and turned it slowly as I sprayed.  Once dry, poke four holes on each side.

Grab all eight pipe cleaners and bend them like below. Make one leg longer to make up for what you stick into the ball. Make feet, too! Aren't they cute? Stick them into the holes.
If you feel that you live in a windy area, go ahead and glue the legs. After dry, poke the floral pick or wire into the bottom of the spider and place in your yard or side garden. Wherever! I also thought about using googly eyes, but I think I vowed never to touch those things again after this project.

I haven't scared any actual person, so far, but I did make the cat hurry away. However, the dog wanted to eat it. Fun times!  I mean, scary times!  Scary, scary times!