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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day 17 Report Card

One ornament here explains the color scheme.
You can see from the picture that we are still celebrating Christmas. I realize its almost the middle of January but it's just now getting cold here (on occasion) and I wanted it to feel like a chilly Christmas. I also love the glow of the lights at night. Perhaps there a bit of love for a bohemian vibe there.

There's also the fact that I don't feel like getting into the attic. It's awkward and I have to stoop, and I am not a good stooper. Maybe my motivation is that this might very well be the last time I put Christmas away in this attic. The new house will, I hope, have an attic to rival an Amish barn.

Maybe not.

30 Day Flexibility Challenge
 -- Knee to chest, again. Love it. Could sleep like that. Maybe.

30 Day Journey to Splits
 -- Okay, at this rate, this journey is going to take a long time. Am I that inflexible? My hamstrings are almost refusing to stretch past a certain point, and I'm nervous about pushing it. I've pulled one of those muscles and it's not a fun or fast recovery.

30 Day Burpee Challenge
 -- I am happy to take this day off and walk the dog instead. It's less stressful...except if you notice that a neighborhood dog has decided that your yard is a perfect place to squat. Oh, people. Pardon my French, but NON!

30 Day Vocabulary Challenge
 -- Went with this one. chirography: handwriting, penmanship; calligraphy.

30 Day Back Challenge
 -- I am sooooo looking forward to the next rest day. ha ha!

30 Day Cleaning Challenge
 -- Dust seems to love our lamp shades. Anybody have any ideas for lamps that gather less dust?

30 Day Wall Sit Challenge
 -- Yeah. Three sessions. Boom.

30 Day Plank Challenge
 -- This is getting seriously shaky. I shake much.

30 Day Arm Sculpting Challenge
 -- Ooooo, burning!  Burning muscles!

30 Day Butt Lift Challenge
 -- I hope the fact that I still like these doesn't mean it's not working as well as it could if I hated them.

30 Day Mom Challenge
 -- So, kinder is balancing chemical equations these days. D found a good nerdy joke relating to it:
I heard Oxygen and Magnesium are a couple.

- 30 Day Blog Challenge
 -- I'm busting these out with very little planning. I know for the non-challenge posts, I'll need more than one picture and will have to do actual research for my home-building posts (saying 'that thing that looks like a plank of wood but isn't' probably won't make readers understand a thing, unless I take a picture and draw an arrow to 'that thing.'). Grow with me, people.

By the way, if you were able to buy a ticket to the ridiculous jackpot, congrats! I went out this morning with that intention (just a couple of tickets, come on!), and they denied me. Their machine wasn't allowing them to sell anything, and now I smell conspiracy. What do you smell?

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