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Monday, September 3, 2012

An Early Start!

Since it's September and I am notoriously slow at starting things, I decided that I was just going to go ahead and prepare for Halloween.  This year will be full of Pinterest crafts and ideas.  I have about two months to do it all, and that stretch of time terrifies me!  Can.  I.  Do.  It?!  Follow along and see!

I started with the magnetic spider project.  I gathered a couple of big spiders, a bag of spider rings, magnetic tape, round magnets and fairly strong adhesive.

I did the big spiders first...'cuz those are freaky!  

I put adhesive on both the magnet and the underside of the spider.

I did a push and twist, push and twist -- just to make sure the magnets stuck.  Then I set them aside to dry.

Next came the smaller spiders.  If you can find spiders by themselves, more power to you.  I found the rings, and they were cheaper than the sparkly paper spiders...and more realistic (except for the large circular appendage protruding from their abdomens).

I ripped those off.  I heard no screams.

Next came the rest of the surgery.  Before I started this step, I had little visitors, like flies, dragonflies and ants.  Afterward, I suppose the carnage that lay before me scared them off.  They didn't return.  Coincidence?

I cut the magnetic tape to the perfect size or thereabouts, and put adhesive on both magnet and spider, once again.  Overkill...or thorough.  Let's go with the latter.  

Alright, when you get finished with all the little ones, set them aside to dry for a while.
* By the way *
Silly me.  I was hating life out there in the grass.  Ever just think everything is crawling on you?  I'll be feeling that for the rest of the week...and so will you when you see the end result of the big spiders and the small ones below on my front door?  Ready?

Oh, gross!

What is happening?!

Call the exterminator!!

Well, that was fun!  I love how they turned out.  I tested their sturdiness by opening and closing the door a few times.  I also scared the kinder.  That was pretty fun, too.  She knew they were plastic, but like I mentioned earlier, skin-crawling uneasiness happens, especially when you see spiders, fake or otherwise.

I have a few things lined up for now, but what do you want to see me try?  Look here and let me know: http://pinterest.com/HeatherClicks/fall/