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Monday, December 28, 2015

Day 1 Report Card

Strapped on my shoes!
As promised, I'm updating you on my overload of 30 Day challenges. Today was meh. I know it's an easy set of tasks as the authors do not want people to quit on day one. Meh because I have figured out that knee issues are no reason to just stop everything and whine. Noah Galloway would chastise me greatly!  Below are my comments on the activities of the day...and I got straight A's!

- 30 Day Flexibility Challenge
 -- Good gravy, I'm out of shape.

- 30 Day Journey to Splits
 -- Did someone stick my ligaments with needles? Ouch.

- 30 Day Burpee Challenge
 -- I only did five, and I want to throw up. It's hot here, so I'm blaming the heat, for sure.

- 30 Day Vocabulary Challenge
 -- I chose this one, so the word today is kinesics: a systematic study of the relationship between nonlinguistic body motions (such as blushes, shrugs, or eye movement) and communication. Someone should study the body motions of out of shape people with the words that usually come out of their mouths when people ask how they're doing:  "Oh, this is fun!"  *puke, eye roll, faint*

- 30 Day Back Challenge
 -- Ooo, that superman pose is brutal. Ten seconds of it and I wanted a nap.

- 30 Day Cleaning Challenge
 -- That was easy since at least one of those things cleans itself. hee hee hee

- 30 Day Wall Sit Challenge
 -- 10 seconds and the shakes begin.

- 30 Day Plank Challenge
 -- 20 seconds and more shakes.

- 30 Day Arm Sculpting Challenge
 -- I have to say that I have never in my life had a charley horse in my bicep, but today?  I screameth.

- 30 Day Butt Lift Challenge
 -- Boom. Done.

- 30 Day Mom Challenge
 -- We planned something for tomorrow! Fun times!

- 30 Day Blog Challenge (my own goal, so I haven't made a chart)
 -- Well, here I am! I even slept in and got it all done!

I should have included a 30 Day Goodwill challenge, since we dropped some stuff off today. We weren't the only ones, either!  The drive-thru drop was overflowing!

Okay! Onward! I have 29 days to go, and here's to making it happen.

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