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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer break is almost over!

As I sit and watch rain clouds move lazily across the sky, I can't help but notice that summer break is dwindling down.  I love my breaks -- I really do.  However, I get to the point where I've had enough rain and reading.  I want to go to the beach and walk around the neighborhood and ride my bike, without fear of being struck by lightning!  I'm prone to that, you know.*

We do need the rain, though.  I was with a group of friends a few weeks ago, kayaking on a local lake...which was six feet under the norm.  That was even after a week of rain.  However, as our guide informed us, it was a blessing, since it gave them an opportunity to clean up trash that had been hiding in the depths.  I think she mentioned pull-top cans showing up.  Do you remember those things?

All-in-all, the rain isn't a bad thing.  It's giving me an opportunity to pin all kinds of rainy-day crafts on pinterest.  I'm going through old magazines and catalogs.  I'm learning to paint!  I'm planning a trip...to rainy Ireland.  It's all good.

What do you do when it rains?  

* I guess I have a pinched nerve because every once in a while, I have a zinger on my neck and I flail around wildly... then declare I've been struck by lightning.  
- Photo of beer can via Wikipedia, public domain


  1. Rain is a beautiful thing. It creates and sustains life and is always appreciated. Much better than a drought.
    As for the trash on the bottom of our lakes rivers and oceans it is atrocious! We humans have done a real disservice to all the marine life.
    Enjoy the rest of the summer, and try not to get hit by lightening.

  2. Cute, Heather! I love it!
    What do I do when it rains? If I can stay home, I love to snuggle up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea. Or take a nap!! I love napping to the sounds of thunder!


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