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Thursday, July 26, 2012


I don't have anyone grading my progress on my life goals except for myself...and I'm pretty lenient with my grades (and accepting any late assignments).

I make my goals, start out pretty excited about them, then poop out within a month.  It's a cycle that starts every January 1st and a few months before any high school reunion, since I have to have something to write about in my bio.  Ran a marathon!  Wrote a best-seller!  Invented a cure for migraines!  Helped deliver a dolphin in the wild!  Oh, my list of dream accomplishments is endless.  My energy and will-power isn't.

I believe this lack of will-power is one reason for starting a blog.  I have to have accountability!  Even if I have to report to an audience of strangers, I will do better!

So, here is my 'first day of school' blog post, where I state my class schedule (my list of goals) and challenge myself to complete my class (reach a specific goal milestone).  After I get my grade card, I'll re-evaluate and start another semester.  Oh, peeps, I am pretty excited for back-to-school.  Aren't you?

Fitness: Granted, this goal will depend on my physical health, but I'm hoping to get back up to easy 5Ks before Thanksgiving. I sweat if I walk a mile, but the heat and humidity might have something to do with that. Also, I think I'm losing muscle mass, and I'm not used to that! Must. Have. Muscles. So, I'll add that fitness goal, too. Get my own muscles.

I win!

Career: Since I don't foresee myself returning to the world of network engineering or computer programming, I am focusing on writing. My goal is to write or brainstorm daily. I have so much dancing around my noggin that it needs to come out...and maybe that will mean income. Surely someone will pay to see what's in my noggin!

These books are so awesome!

Creativity:  I have always loved drawing, painting, creating...  I love when Groupon and LivingSocial offer creative stuff.  My goal in this area is to spend at least two hours a week on creativity.  I'm hoping to take some classes at a local art school, so improvement will be guided.  Don't worry:  I'll take pictures, even if it's an embarrassing form of creativity.  'Draw a picture of you sneezing!'  No dainty sneezes here, people.

^^ Not me ^^

I won't overdo it because that usually means failure...so there's my list.

What are your goals?  You don't have to tell me specifics, but you do have to tell yourself!

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  1. To get healthier and lose some weight!! lol

    1. Great start Heather Alexander. Are you able to define what getting healthier means to you? Exactly how much weight would you like to loose? 5lbs, 15lbs, 50lbs? Clearly defined goals provides a map for your journey. Good Luck!

  2. Your goals under the categories of fitness, career and creativity are great Heather. Sticking to your theme: my fitness goals include a balanced vegan diet and strength training; for my career, I would like to open a holistic preschool; and for creativity, I would like to focus on creating a bird and butterfly habitat in my yard as well as produce food in my own garden. Pretty lofty goals, and I intend to achieve everyone of them.

    1. Indeed! I will attack gardening this fall when I attempt to grow sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are awesome...I just hope I can eat them.


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