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Monday, January 28, 2013

Ten At A Time

There's just something magical about finding something you forgot about, isn't there?  Well, most of the time, anyway.  Money in a coat you haven't worn for almost a year is fabulous.  A potato in the back the pantry?  Not so much...

The beginning of the year brought a realization that, to be honest, has been 'realized' by me for a while:  I have way too much paper in this house.  I set a goal to rid myself of just about as much paper as would make a local move easier, and that translates to...all of it.  Okay, that's ridiculous, because I still need post-it notes and books -- but the books are a whole 'nother issue.

But I digress...

While I was searching one particular drawer for paper to purge, I came across treasure:  nail polish!  Here is a small sample of the awesomeness contained in that drawer!
As most of us know, nail polish can turn on us at various times, so I sidetracked myself and decided to have a weekly test of at least ten polishes, just to see if they are still viable products.  This proved very exciting for the kinder (painted toenails!!), and this is the result of week one:
Kinder painted all of these tootsies, so the quality is not up to spa standards, but I think it looks really great, and the rainbow pattern on the right would have been perfect if the purple polish had actually looked purple.  The result this week is that we are keeping all the polish we tried.  Next week, we'll try pink polishes, and apparently, that's lame. This isn't the '80's.  Like, gag me.

Any resolutions out there that involve throwing a bunch of stuff out?

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  1. I would bet that paper is a problem that piles up for many people? Including me!
    Looking forward to seeing the future "pink collection" of polishes.


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