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Monday, October 29, 2012

Vamp-o-lantern project...minus the lantern

I love Halloween projects!  I think I could make something Halloweeny once a month and still have tons of projects lined up come October 31st.  Here's the latest thang:
Isn't that fun?  We did that with a real tiny pumpkin this year.  Next year, we might try it with a fake pumpkin, just so we can keep him, year after year.  I can't keep calling him 'him,' so he is now Vlad.

Here's our starting point.  I guess there's a spoiler here:

First, we had to cut a mouth opening for Vlad.  It took a while, but we finally came up with the correct dimensions to fit Vlad's enormous teeth.  We used both a cheese knife and a safety knife and didn't slice or dice human phalanges.  Hooray!

We cleaned out Vlad's brains, then had a fitting.  Vlad's a snarky dental patient...

All is vell (said in a very dramatic Vampire voice), so we pinned Vlad's teeth in with his eyes.  Sounds weird, but it works like a charm.
We had leftover glitter glue from the Creepy Eyeball Project, so we thought it would be funny to add a little in appropriate places.  Muah-ah-ah-ah!
Vlad needed a friend, so we repeated the process for Constantine.
All finished.  Does this look like a happy family?

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