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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I sit and watch these Olympics, proud of everybody -- not just Americans.  I am going to give you my thoughts on stuff (and I guess that's why I have a blog, yes?).

This scene scares my windpipe.
More power to these folks.  I can swim, no problem, but I have a tendency to choke on my own spit...and that's on dry land.  I've known swimmers, from high school and beyond, and know that the workouts are long enough and hard enough to allow them to pig out and still look like upside down triangles.  Also, my appendages are more than likely a drag to perfect streamlining.  So...I'm out.  Can't medal in swimming.

Oh, I could do this! 
See, when Aly fell on her head while warming up the other day, I relived my own head-bonk from high school.  I was mid-back-flip and stopped to check the time, I guess.  Bonk.  There I went -- down to kiss the ground of my homeland.  Blerg.  I think some people gasped, as did I, so after that, I think I was too scared to go further.  That, and I saw one of my class-mates knock a woman's nose sideways while doing her back-flip.  Oh, it hurts, y'all!  It hurts!  No medals!

Not me. My laces would be out.

I just can't cycle for more than an hour.  Maybe I'm not wearing the right padding or something.  Maybe I'm lazy and don't stand up as often as I should.  Whatever it is, I dislike my tush after my rides and curse it repeatedly.  'Leave me alone!' I say, as I shuffle to the water cooler.  'Take a day off!'  I could probably medal in a 30 minute leisure ride.  When's that event?

Oh, if losing gets you a medal, this is the sport for me!  Check me out!  Boom!  Right in the net!  I lose!  And by that, I mean 'Give me my medal!'  I'm just not sure how to feel about losing on purpose to get an easier competitor.  That doesn't seem like winning to me.  Seems like cheating.  Meh.  DQ.  

I'm sure I'll check some more events later this week and give more thoughts.  I will end, however, with some thoughts about China.  Right after Wu Minxia won a gold medal in diving, she was finally told that her mother had been fighting breast cancer (for a year) and that her grandparents were dead (and had been for about a year)...and the family didn't tell her because they didn't want to distract from her training.  I read an article where this information was disclosed and there was even a quote from a family member:

I don't even dare to think about things like enjoying family happiness. 

This makes me sad.  I'm all for the best winning the medals, but at what cost?  Maybe that's why I'll never medal in anything.  I enjoy my family happiness -- so I'll count that as my achievement and hang it around my neck.
Canine Agility.  Family Happiness.  Same thing.

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  1. No Olympic event I can medal in either, though in the winter I have some crazy thoughts about the luge and I am scared of speed and heights. Thanks for stopping by Buttercup's.


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