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Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Challenge A Week For A Year -- Who's In?

Two birds with one stone is what I'm going to accomplish with this challenge. One is to actually complete (and incorporate) the challenges, and the other is to blog about it. That's a realistic goal, right? Please say yes.

I found a book a couple of years ago and thought it was great. So, I read it and smiled and put it aside. I'm awesome like that. The book is called 52 Small Changes by Brett Blumenthal. You make one change per week for a year and, at the end, you will at least be on the path to being more healthy and more happy (could I actually BE more happy?!). Although I probably already practice many of the changes in my life at present, I feel as though challenging myself to take note of 'the why' of each for a week is a good thing. Brett has been kind enough to make this journey a little more interesting. Check it out: http://www.sheerbalance.com/52-small-changes-assessment/  I highly recommend taking the assessment...and be honest with yourself.  You don't have to share with anyone.  Also, the tools and forms from the book are provided there.  Pure awesome.

If you want to get the book, I can make that easy for you!  As of today (Jan. 3, 2015), the Kindle version of this book is only $3.99 on Amazon.  If you like paper, that's only $7.99.

My goal in blogging about this is to present the challenge on Friday so that you, if partaking in the challenge, have the weekend to come to terms with it. For example, one challenge is to make breakfast and prepare lunches at home six days a week, and to cook dinner at home at least five days a week. You must have 'stuff' for that to happen, thus the heads-up. See how utterly amazing I am to think of these things?

Just in case you are interested in knowing the areas of change, they are as follows:
Diet and Nutrition
Fitness and Prevention
Mental Well-Being
Green Living

As it is, I'll need all the mental well-being I can get, as we'll probably be building a house at some point this year (and, seeing as how it's taken half a year to get the deed to our land, perhaps next year, as well).

With all that being said, I present the first change: Drink Up!

This is all about hydration. Figure out how much water (yes, water!) you are supposed to drink each day and do it!  Here's a great hydration calculator: http://nutrition.about.com/library/blwatercalculator.htm 

There is such a thing as too much water, so don't think you'll get extra credit for going too far over your goal.  You do, however, need to take into consideration personal factors, such as whether or not you exercise, drink alcohol, travel, live in an arid area, are breast-feeding or are pregnant.  If you answer yes to any of those, up your intake.

Brett gives great hints as to how to reach your water goal every day, including spacing it out, drinking before you eat and setting reminders.

I've seen people wear eight or more bracelets on one arm, then drink a glass of water and move a bracelet to the other arm.

I've seen people mark their water bottles with times they should begin drinking, then continue the next hour until empty, then refill and begin again in the afternoon.

If you are having trouble, check the internet for a way that might make it easier for you!

Now, I realize it isn't Friday, but since you probably have some water around your living quarters, hardly any prep is required, but from here on out...Friday!

Here's to Small Changes!


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  1. I will give it a try, but drinking that much water is not a small change for me. I would think getting 8 hours of sleep might be a big change for you.


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